Expertise in gendered violence

The Deakin Network Against Gendered Violence (DNAGV) comprises a University-wide, interdisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners with expertise in gendered violence, including violence against women and children, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, family violence, same-sex violence, the role of intersectionality, and legal and non-legal regulation of this violence.

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Facilitating and promoting Deakin’s expertise

The aim of the Deakin Network Against Gendered Violence (DNAGV) is to foster a network that will facilitate and promote Deakin’s expertise in the area of violence against women (gendered violence; intimate partner violence; family violence; and sexual violence).

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Children's Rights and Criminal Justice in the Digital Age by Dr. Wendy O'Brien, Deakin Criminology. This workshop will be held online from 12-1pm on