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Technology-facilitated domestic violence: an interdisciplinary perspective
Using Prevention Science Approaches to Reduce Adolescent Violence
Police body-worn cameras in domestic and family violence responses: Merits, risks and impacts
Children’s Rights and Criminal Justice in the Digital Age
Criminalising Coercive Control in Australia – The Way Forward
Inaugural Conference: Interdisciplinary Research on Violence Against Women
Inaugural Conference: Interdisciplinary Research that Addresses Family Violence
This week’s news shines a light on an innovative new study examining Australian tertiary students’ experiences of family violence
The Burndawan Project: A codesigned Indigenous Resource for Family Violence
Improving mental health in patients with traumatic brain injury caused by domestic violence
This week’s news has put sexual assault survivors at risk of ‘secondary trauma’. Here’s how it happens, and how to cope” by Drs. Mary Iliadis, Bianca Fileborn and Rachel Loney-Howes
Adversarial Justice and Victims’ Rights